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*2013 and before :

-BlasCom IT defines an IT services catalog for the 400 R&D laboratories of one of the largest telco manufacturer at worldwide level.

- BlasCom IT advise and manage the 3G/WCDMA research center Move from one site to different sites for a major Telco customer, impacting more than 2000 people across the world, around 3600 LTE (Long term Evolution) lab equipments, and more than 50 servers hosting 20 labs applications

- BlasCom IT is selected for the third year, to optimize transmission equipments networks management of the first French private operator.

*2008 - 2006:

- BlasCom IT audit and advise a company specialized in the control of the milk to implement a ToIP solution in order to re- emplace an old PBX network.

- BlasCom IT defines the RFP and analyses offers concerning a large investment for Telecom production equipment

- BlasCom IT extend its offers to banking industry by designing a new Lan/Wan/ToIP network which connect 3500 agencies of the bank.

- BlasCom IT wined an important project management on Europe and South perimeter concerning the merge of 2 mains Telco manufacturers in term of infrastructure network and application migration.

- BlasCom IT advise the french railways for their audio conferencing system (25 yearly Millions of minutes) based on their own phone network(160 000 subscribers).

- BlasCom IT design and implement an optical fiber ring based on DWDM technology to ensure 3G traffic of a mobile carrier.
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-BlasCom IT define an innovative services offer focused on Green IT and Sustainable Development exclusively linked to telecommunication networks and systems with a payment mode based on performance
An Android application focused on Green IT knowledge assesment, is available for download.

- BlasCom IT evaluates the SDH & WDM transmission network of a global Telecom operator, in order to optimize the design and to improve the traffic.

- BlasCom IT has been incorporated into the DCICC: Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Climate Change, depending on the ITU : International Telecommunication Union and counting 40 companies and/or authorities at worldwide level.

- BlasCom IT has been registered within 2 large institutions: the first concerning the European Commission for IT & Telecom advices markets not exceeding 140K€, the second without any limitation concerning the United Nations.
The telecommunications and IT* industry is one of the most dynamic and volatile industries in the world, fueled by a combination of de-regulation and consolidation that has led to a compete overhaul of the competitive landscape.

With competition increasing and industry titans beginning to merge, services providers are scrambling to keep pace with the changing marketplace.
In such a context, the emergence of new technologies is proceeding at a rapid pace and it is the intention of BlasCom IT to help companies using IT and Telecom services in order to make the right choice with the best cost.

BlasCom IT has a full range of IT and Telecom services, which can be combined to create the right package for your company’s situation and budget.

We provide competitive response solutions designed to address :
  • The need of telecommunication networks infrastructure and related services, for carriers (land and wireless networks), for customers, but also for companies which has different locations, connected with their own network,
  • Advices to make the right choice on IT solutions, and to deploy it until the delivering.

Our offers concern :

-           Audit, Advice and Strategy on Technology,
-           Project and program Management on worldwide perimeter
-          Engineering necessary to implement different IT solutions
-           The operational implementation, the on-site maintenance,
            a local support and skills transfer.

* IT = Information Technology